Earlier this year, the Ethereum community was thrown into turmoil as it debated implementing a system-wide software upgrade to return $239 million in lost funds as a result of the Parity breach. The debate, which has been largely ignored since April, is back at the forefront of the Ethereum community.

This week, the Ethereum community is in turmoil over the proposed implementation of EIPs 867 and 999. Last year, a bug in the popular Parity Ethereum software led to the loss of over 513,000 ETH, worth about $420 million at the time (down to about $240 million today).

That loss led to the release of a controversial code proposal called Ethereum Improvement proposal (EIP) 867. Soon after the release of EIP 867, the community became what some called “a battleground”.

As detailed by CoinDesk, the EIP 867 proposal was, “crowded with bitter commentary, snide pull-requests and coordinated attempts to erase the idea from the platform’s repository.” That proposal simply wanted to make it easier for Ethereum users to reclaim lost Ether. The proposal detailed a process where users could submit requests in a clear and executable way to those who maintain the network.

Well, some of the Ethereum community’s biggest stakeholders are expected to meet in Berlin this week to address decision-making challenges across the decentralized network. One of the key things these stakeholders will discuss will be EIP 999 and the way it hasn’t been reviewed. Read more from bitcoinexchangeguide.com…

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