Coinbase exchange s a huge cryptocurrency market influencer and any digital coin aspires to get listed on it. Getting listed here means a price surge, recognition and other perks that come with it.

When Ethereum Classic (ETC) got listed, a price surge was noticed within 24 trading hours. When the Ripple (XRP) rumor was going round that is getting listed on Coinbase, XRP hit a high of $4. Many crypto lovers and haters were expecting Coinbase to list Ripple ahead of Ethereum Classic (ETC) given that XRP is ranked 3rd and ETC is placed 18th by market cap.

The exchange seems to have erred given that it was just a few days Ethereum was declared a non-security entity by the SEC leading to raised eyebrows across the crypto-sphere. ETC Price Spike before Trading on Coinbase With a lot of speculation in the market about price manipulation the price of ETC got a 20% spike even before the listing platform announced the exact date as to when the coin will go live.

This came at the backdrop of the SEC convening a hurried meeting to determine the fate of ETC mother, Ethereum. Ethereum Classic is not the best Coinbase Fit Going by past market listing trends, Coinbase had only listed four coins prior to Ethereum Classic (ETC).

out of logical necessity, Ethereum Classic was not the natural choice to fill the slop. There are other successful coins that could have been listed and Ripple is one of these. Read more from…

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