Things are not going according to plan for most cryptocurrencies right now. Most markets are still down compared to 24 hours ago, although the massive price decrease has been recovered in quick succession.

The first currency to note positive momentum is Ethereum Classic. More specifically, the Ethereum Classic price has increased by 1.93% over the past 24 hours, whereas all other top 20 markets are still in the red.

It is evident any investment in the world of cryptocurrency will pay off eventually. For some currencies, it will take very long until we see any major growth in 2018.

Even so, there is the Ethereum Classic price to keep an eye on at all times. Contrary to what most people would expect, the Ethereum Classic price is effectively noting a profit during this negative market trend across all other markets.

Quite remarkable, although it is a matter of time until the rest recovers as well. To be more specific, the Ethereum Classic price is back above $25 as we speak. Read more from…

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