Fundstrat: Bitcoin Price May Soon Go Bullish Verge (XVG) Getting Back on its Feet: $11 mil Trading Volume XRP Price Analysis June 8 – Ripple Outlook Mixed Ethereum is taking the problem of scalability very seriously with a possible decision of skipping Casper FFG to focus directly on the development of Sharding. Sharding is the most critical scalability solution proposed by Vitalik Buterin and consists of subdividing the blockchain into small parts according to the needs that arise.

Casper FFG is a scalability solution that proposes to move from PoW to PoS, saving resources and increasing transaction efficiency. But one of the problems with PoS is the possibility of a higher level of centralization, something that the Ethereum community seeks to avoid at all costs.

Currently, Ethereum uses a PoW consensus algorithm. However, the network has grown so much due to the support of token that right now- counting ETH and the many ERC20 tokens – it handles a more substantial number of transactions than the Bitcoin itself network.

This not only caused Ethereum’s mining to grow exponentially but also increased concerns for efficient resource management. Casper FFG was one of the first proposed solutions.

Previous studies had already shown that the energy consumption of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s PoW is a real problem. The implementation of a PoS protocol eliminates this situation by using a form of validation that in turn promotes savings and avoids inflation. Read more from…

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