The idea of “survival of the fittest” applies to many areas of the financial industry, especially when it comes to competing companies. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are some of the most competitive fields at the moment, and they often compete with each other as well.

Blockchain technology is on a fast train to progress, running at a much faster pace than cryptocurrency. This speed could easily surpass cryptocurrency, though the projects that help this issue could be Ethereum, Tron, and Zilliqa.

The Ethereum platform has been around for some time, though there has been many security concerns and scalability problems over time. The most famous security breach has been the Parity incident, which will live in infamy as the coding scam that let hackers run off with $30 million in ETH.

This is a prime example of the concerns that Ethereum needs to address to survive, especially considering that the platform can only perform 25 transactions a second. Luckily, despite these issues in the security, Tron and Zilliqa seem to have been working to fix it, though their programming languages are quite different.

While Zilliqa maintains a Scilla programming language that was designed to work with smart contracts, Tron uses Java as the programming language instead. The Tron network exceeds Ethereum’s scalability substantially, processing 2,000 transactions per second, though the six shards make it possible to handle 2,828 transactions per second. Read more from…

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