Ethereum (ETH) has for a while been the dominant cryptocurrency platform, offering a myriad of opportunities for decentralized apps and smart contracts. This week has seen two of its premier tokens in Golem and OmiseGO pull strings in the crypto market.

However, the dominance is likely to be checked by a number of start-ups using a similar approach as Ethereum. The sheer number of applications and use cases that the Ethereum network can support makes it the top such blockchain platform.

That fact has made it gain a lot of popularity in the industry. Its ERC-20 token is easily the best for so many token projects.

2017 was the year of the ICO, and Ethereum rode the wave to reach massive heights. However, that has cooled down somewhat in 2018 and with so many other platforms able to host token sales, Ethereum had to diversify; and so it has.

Theoretically, anything that is worth decentralizing via a dApps or smart contract can be achieved on Ethereum. Here you are looking at the financial sector, transport, gaming, real estate and governance. Read more from…

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