Ethereum has the potential to surpass Bitcoin’s market cap this year. In order to do this, they need to fix scalability issues and reduce energy usage.

A so-called “flippening” of the market caps could act as a catalyst for Ethereum. Ethereum enthusiasts grow excited at the possibility that ETH’s market cap could rise higher than Bitcoin’s (COIN, OTCQX:GBTC).

Some believe that in 2018, ETH will overtake Bitcoin as the number #1 cryptocurrency by market cap in an event to be known as the “flippening”. For those who are not in the know, “flippening”, like “hodl”, is jargon that emerged in the crypto world.

According to Wikipedia, “In the middle of 2017 there were increasing concerns, or expectations, that Ethereum would eventually take over the role as the most important cryptocurrency in the market. This possible event was dubbed The Flippening.”

We believe that if this is to occur, ETH’s relative momentum vs. Bitcoin will likely accelerate as attention shifts from Bitcoin to Ethereum as the k”ing of cryptos”. We believe this potential catalyst is underappreciated by the causal follower of cryptocurrencies, and thus continue to favor ETH over BTC. Read more from…

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