The Most Important Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News By Carlos Terenzi
in Cryptocurrency News Home May 9, 2018 Important news for Ethereum enthusiasts and supporters that see that the network is processing more than 1 million transactions per day, as in the past. The Ethereum community has been also discussing about possible scalability options in order to face a growing demand.

Ethereum is being used more and more by many users all over the world. According to transaction charts the Ethereum network has handled more than 1 million transactions on May the 4th, a number seen for the last time at the beginning of February.

Since April, the number of transactions started to grow again, reaching its peak just some days ago. And the trend does not seem to stop.

On May the 8th, over 820k transactions were registered. If nothing strange happens, in the next days or weeks we could see Ethereum processing a similar amount of transactions as in January, 2018 – between 900k and 1.2 million per day.

It is important to mark that the Ethereum community has been discussing about possible scaling solutions for the network. At the beginning of January, Ethereum faced slow transaction times and higher fees due to the high number of transactions processed by the network. Read more from…

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