In this Feb. 7, 2018, photo, a neon sign hanging in the window of Healthy Harvest Indoor Gardening in Hillsboro, Ore., shows that the business accepts bitcoin as payment. Gillian Flaccus/AP Photo Politicians in Wisconsin could accept bitcoin and other so-called “cryptocurrencies” as campaign contributions under a policy up for consideration by the state Ethics Commission this week.

Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, is a form of privately issued digital money. One bitcoin is currently worth about $8,500.

Bitcoin has gained popularity since 2009 and is accepted in some brick-and-mortar stores around the country. Federal candidates, including Kentucky Sen.

Rand Paul, have accepted bitcoin into their campaign coffers in recent years. According to Phil Anderson, chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, some Wisconsin politicians have received offers of bitcoin donations, but they’re wary of accepting them due to the lack of a state policy on such contributions.

“What we’re hoping for is a ruling that helps us convert those donations to dollars Read more from…

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