Evan Schwartz of Ripple praised Interledger and Codius technologies saying they are excellent platforms which can facilitate faster transactions. The Codius developer was speaking at the CSAIL initiative launch.

He discussed Ripple’s progress and also delved into the functionalities of  Interledger and Codius. Interledger is internetworking for money.

The project was started at Ripple and then became a separate open source project with many contributors. It is developed as a standalone open project for solving the problem disconnected payment network.

Schwartz said that the main problem associated with payments was that the payment space all over the world is fragmented and payment methods vary with different countries. The solution to this hurdle is the internetworking of a payment network.

Interledger was created to successfully cross this hurdle. Interledger creates a global payment network that will transact payments at a much faster rate compared to a normal transaction. Read more from bcfocus.com…

thumbnail courtesy of bcfocus.com