A modest proposal: bringing cryptocurrencies to football – BitKane, Cointinho, Cristiano Ronaldoken – would be a stroke of dark genius By
Gian Volpicelli Tokenmania could broaden football’s appeal and turn World Cup stars into a high-stakes trading game for the masses James Rodriguez has launched his coin. Just days before the World Cup’s kick-off, the crocked Colombian midfielder announced the creation of JR10, his personal cryptocurrency, which proud holders can parlay into “football-related souvenirs, fan club meetings and other perks related to the athlete”.

According to SelfSell, a Chinese company that took care of the technicalities, the advance online auction of a small batch of crypto-tokens raked in $500,000 — in 12 seconds. After one year of tokenmania — with its colourful cast of chancers, speculators, and opportunistic celebrities — you would be justified for eye-rolling at the news that football players are minting their own currencies.

But you should fight back that reaction: Rodriguez is onto something; he is a pioneer. In fact, every football player should issue a coin.

Katia Moskvitch Cryptocurrency can change that overnight. Picture this: every player would create his or her own coin.

There will be whacky coin names — BitKane, Cointinho, Cristiano Ronaldoken — lots of tacky graphics and videos, and definitely some token launch parties on New York rooftops and French Riviera yachts. What use those coins would actually have is a negligible question. Read more from wired.co.uk…

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