Ladislav Mecir is a 57-year-old computer programmer who lives in the small town of Jičín outside Prague in the Czech Republic. He has two grandsons; one is expecting a granddaughter next month.

Even-keeled and soft-spoken, Mecir is not the stereotypical “Bitcoin Bro,” but he is the most prolific contributor to the subject’s Wikipedia page. Despite Bitcoin’s popularity in his home country, Mecir has never personally mined for it.

In fact, he owns no Bitcoin whatsoever. “I am writing for a version of me that does not know these things,” Mecir said during a video call.

“I am writing the things that if I came not knowing anything, I would appreciate to see.” Mecir found Wikipedia in the early 2000s when he was trying to make a career change. At the time, he was struggling to support his family on his high school teacher’s salary and several part time jobs.

When he began applying for computer programming positions, he leveraged math concepts like lambda calculus he’d first learned through the site. He first heard about Bitcoin in 2012. Read more from…

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