CNET también está disponible en español. On the face of it MIROSKII looks like any normal initial coin offering for a brand new cryptocurrency.  Buzzwords, “banking without bankers”, a team of cryptocurrency experts working together on a new piece of ground breaking technology.

Great stuff.  But then you scroll down its list of advisors and notice something a bit weird.  Meet Kevin Belanger, an “[e]xperienced graphic designer with a clear focus on identities and illustration.” He is apparently working on MIROSKII.

He also looks a lot like Ryan Gosling. That’s because his profile picture is literally a stock image of Ryan Gosling.

For background, an “ICO” is an “initial coin offering”. An ICO allows potential buyers to invest in a cryptocurrency before launch.

ICOs are used to help fund the development of a new currency. If the technology is legitimate, it can be good to get in early before it starts getting traded freely on exchanges. Read more from…

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