Increasing regulations from major global actors has resulted in one of the greatest market falters known in the crypto space, with major coins in despair. The downtrend cuts across all of the top five digital assets, with Ripple being the most hit.

There’s been good news all around Litecoin (LTC), but the general market downtrend seems to overwhelm it all. Litecoin Falters Even After Abra Adoption Abra, the financial and technology company that produces peer-to-peer mobile payment announced a major commitment to Litecoin.

Abra’s CEO Bill Barhydt released in a press conference that Litecoin would become the “primary asset class” for Abra for the next few weeks. Such news that appears too good to be true is usually received with almost immediate growth in the market, but that has not been the case for Litecoin ever since the announcement was made by Abra.

Irrespective of this, Litecoin is currently struggling below the $120 mark, far from where it stood at a month ago. Aliant Partners, the First Official Litecoin Payment Processor Days ago, Alliant Partners announced an official partnership with Litecoin foundation.

The goal of this partnership, is for Alliant Partners to advance the Litecoin Vision by developing and processing state of the art blockchain technology for Litecoin. This partnership serves the future interest of Litecoin, as Alliant Partners, a 15-year veteran in the payment industry would be bringing a well of experience to the Foundation. Read more from…

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