Viant, an Ethereum-based platform backed by ConsenSys, provided attendees with a unique dining experience at the Ethereal Summit where the journey from “bait to plate” of the very tuna they were served, was disclosed. The use of blockchain technology in supply chain management may help with the transparency of consumer food sources and potentially create a more ethical and human fishing industry.

The Ethereal Summit was a 2-day event that connected a community of blockchain enthusiasts where companies presented ways that blockchain technology can create a decentralized future. Additionally, half the speakers were female, an impressive indication of inclusivity in a predominately male industry.

Viant demonstrated a standout use of blockchain technology to track your food all the way from its origin to your plate. An immutable record allows consumers ease of mind with the knowledge of their food source, such as the tuna served at the Ethereal Summit was caught in sustainable waters, using ethical labor (forced labor in the fishing industry is not uncommon).

A short documentary was shown at the start of the dinner and the napkins at the table had a scannable QR code that linked to the exact details of the Yellow Fin Tuna’s trek. Immediately after the fish is caught, the fisherman attaches a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag to the fish.

This assigns the fish a trackable, unique ID number to monitor the fish’s journey via geolocation. In turn, Viant can demonstrate that the fish was caught in sustainable waters, and the many different stages the fish experienced before reaching the plate at the Ethereal Summit. Read more from…

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