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Esport gamer has been recently targeted by a malicious mining software in the Philippines. Gamers playing Rings of League were turned into monero mining machines.

The malware which is connected to” Coinhive” which is a cryptocurrency mining program running silently in the background of the systems of the players playing League of Legends(LOL). Filipino Redditor named /u/Lestergonzaga , found the bug and Garena server based clients of the game were infected by the malicious miming malware.

Redittor posted this information on writing on official League of Legend subreddit and post reached more than 1200 upvotes. The majority of the gamers criticized Garena –which is the hosting server for the game and mentioned server allowing the malware to be work on clients computers.

Some users said that not only League of Legend (LOL) in fact all games supported by Garena were affected by the malware but League of Legend is most famous so it detected here. Garena team while quickly removed the malware and posted: Garena had removed the bug and pledged the user that incident will never happen again. Read more from koinalert.com…

thumbnail courtesy of koinalert.com