Source: CoinMarketCap Ethereum’s last 7-day average is -2.79% which is not bad considering the market performance but bad in comparison to Ethereum’s performance a couple of days ago. In the last 1 hour, Ethereum surges at 0.80% and the total market cap stands above $70 billion.

“god damnit now i have to dump all my $eth“ “ethereum is due for a rally with most ever other legit alt. note: ones personalized definition of “legit” may affect results.” The Ethereal Summit that took place in Brooklyn last week concluded on Saturday after a two-day event focusing on product development with the Ethereum blockchain as part of the blockchain week.

All the events took place in the Zen Zone that housed the yoga class while, on the other side was an art gallery filled with experimental exhibits which included Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin [BTC], according to news from Forbes. Saksiyim ben burada, a Twitterati says: The event took place in a similar fashion last year too, at an old factory in Brooklyn, USA.

It is the 3rd largest business district in New York City and the Ethereal Summit was hosted by Ethereum startup incubator, ConsenSys. The quirky tradition was continued and was thought-provoking.

The event’s co-creator and experience design lead of ConsenSys, Saraswathi Subbaraman noted that the highlight of the Blockchain week event was largely on moving past making money, trading crypto to make money, making businesses. “The Ethereal Summit will be a success if people take a critical pause to reflect on all of the work that’s being done and create a truly decentralized, accessible, empowered future for people.” Amidst an array of other exciting events that took place during the blockchain week in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Ethereal Summit outstands the rest as it focused on the sociocultural, global, philosophical, and inclusive elements of the decentralized evolution. Read more from…

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