Zawistowski believes Golem could only be possible thanks to Ethereum Golem CEO Julian Zawistowski recently joined us for TNW Answers session where he was more than happy to share his views on the company’s choice of blockchain platform. “Ethereum is by far the most promising platform and we cannot see another one that’s remotely close to it,” Golem said to a question about Ethereum’s scalability issues and whether Golem would consider migrating from it.

“Of course we would like to interact with the blockchain more and once Ethereum scales we will be able to do it in a wider manner.” When another participant asked about why he chose to build Golem on top of Ethereum, he said: We have been supporting and building on top of Ethereum since its very early days. In fact, we realized that Golem would be possible to be built and work on Ethereum and thanks to Ethereum.

Zawistowski also suggested that he doesn’t like the way ICOs have evolved and are being executed even though Golem itself raised money through one. “The entire ICO mania does not help the [cryptocurrency] space”, he said in one of the answers.

Ethereum, although lending support to the maximum number of altcoins built on top of its blockchain, continues to suffer from scalability issues, meaning the platform cannot sustain a large number of users on its platform. When Cryptokitties was going viral, the network congestion caused a sixfold increase in the number of pending transactions.

Ethereum, at the same time, has also been working towards solving the scalability challenges associated with its platform. It began testing sharding technology in February. Read more from…

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