Security researchers have identified a new but unusually distributed Monero cryptominer scam campaign involving the face of a popular celebrity. The IT security researchers at Imperva have discovered a campaign in which hackers have compromised PostgreSQL servers to install cryptocurrency mining malware.

The malware is hidden in a picture of well-known Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson. The crypto-miner aims to mine Monero cryptocoins.

PostgreSQL is a commonly used open source database, which researchers deem more sophisticated than MySQL. The malware was discovered in a honeypot, which was part of the StickyDB honeypot project from Imperva.

It is worth noting that a honeypot is basically a computer but in this case, it was a database server that is configured deliberately to lure hackers. It is just like bait for hackers as they regard it as an easily exploitable database but it is actually a hatch.

Imperva researchers used the database to understand common database attacks, and tools and methods used by hackers as well as to learn how they obtain access and what they do after compromising a database. They were following standard information gathering steps when they identified an unusual incident. Read more from…

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