OnePayFX is a mobile application born through a partnership between Santander, and international bank and Ripple. By utilising Ripple technology, Santander aim to change the way cross border payments are made on a mainstream level.

Through an announcement of this partnership, both Ripple and Santander have cemented a strong future together, at the fore of blockchain technology. In short, this has confirmed that both Ripple and Santander will be working together for the long run.

Whilst the partnership only provides back end Ripple technology at the moment, many do dream that one day, Ripple XRP will also be integrated into this system, though, we are a long way off this just yet. Recently, the Head of Innovation at Santander UK, Ed Metzger, has spoken to in an interview, during which, Metzger discusses the future for Santander, Ripple and of course, the OnePayFX mobile app.

According to, Metzger has said: “Blockchain or distributed ledger technology covers a wide range of new technology approaches, but using some of the same building blocks and concepts [of other approaches]. The key is choosing the most appropriate of the different approaches and technologies with the particular problem being solved.

Santander’s largest markets by profits are Brazil, Spain and U.K. We expect to roll the service out across more countries in the coming months.” You can see more from for yourself, here- One stand out point from Metzgers comments here are that Santander wish to expand the operations of OnePayFX. Read more from…

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