George Soros likes Bitcoin now. Technological improvements to the use and trading of Bitcoin have helped push the leading cryptocurrency back over $9,000 on Tuesday.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Bitcoin is back from the brink. Sort of.

“Bitcoin is trading upwards for a number of reasons,” says Fran Strajnar, CEO of Brave New Coin, a data and research company focused on the blockchain and cryptographic assets market. Strajnar thinks the fundamentals of Bitcoin have improved.

Recent improvements to its lightning network and outside forces from regulators are both bringing investors back. “The U.S. is stepping in to regulate security tokens instead of commodity assets (utility) and we are seeing major value investors stepping into buy as a result,” he says.

Security tokens are cryptocurrencies issued by startups similar to shares, while utility tokens are like coupons used for a specific service the issuer offers. Both are tradable on an exchange. Read more from…

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