The First Crypto Research Company Providing Education and Expert Research for the Crypto Space. Litecoin (LTC) has had a rough start to the year.

From highs of more than $366 a piece back on December 19, LTC has dropped more than 64% to current pricing in and around $129. Sentiment is weak and the potential for near-term regulatory action out of the US has essentially put a dampener on any near-term recovery taking hold.

One thing we’ve been watching for, however, against the backdrop of what can really only be described as a bloodbath in the markets, is fundamental developments related to one or more of the top tier coins. Developments in the bank, if you will.

And with Litecoin, a brand new such development just hit press and, as expected, is being roundly ignored by the wider cryptocurrency markets. The news is that a company called LitePay is about to launch the first ever point of sale technology that will allow retailers to accept Litecoin from customers.

The technology allows for real-time exchange of Litecoin to fiat (local fiat, that is) meaning the retailer isn’t having to take on any fluctuation risk and it’s supported by a fee payment of 1% (which compares to the 3% or more that’s associated with current POS methods – MasterCard, Visa, etc. It’s worth noting here that the report hit press through the Express website, so initial claims of a near-term launch (especially given that the outlet based its report on ‘insider information’) were dubious. Read more from…

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