This week the Consensus 2018 conference kicks off, a high-powered blockchain conference charging thousands per ticket. What a jump from the time Bitcoin was a program being run by a few hardcore believers trying to mine as much as possible from their home computers.

Yet, despite this nearly half-trillion dollar booming market with countless projects and companies, the world is still largely the same as it was a decade ago. Somehow, the main thrust of rapidly-growing crypto economy shifted somewhere along the way.

Cryptocurrency’s true power is exit The real power promised by distributed ledger technology applied to a medium of exchange wasn’t better payments. It wasn’t more security, interesting tech, or the concept of immutability.

It was the ability to build an efficient global financial system without the permission of any of the powers that be. It was the ability to bypass the restrictions of banks, governments, payment companies, and whatever other gatekeeper exists in the present economy, and transact freely regardless of geographical location, jurisdiction, or financial and educational background.

In short, it was the gift of exit, the ability to successfully leave the old system that controls the world today. Crypto was freedom. Read more from…

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