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by Rahul Nambiampurath Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that started in 2013 inspired by a dog meme, could finally be on the verge of finding the scalability solution facing both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

On February 5, 2018, Truebit brought Dogecoin to the Ethereum blockchain. The company was founded with an aim to bring scalable computation to blockchains, not just doge and ether.

Speaking about the technology, the co-founder Jason Teutsch had said: “The idea is to move computations off-chain because right now there isn’t enough bandwidth to handle the type of computations that the people want to do off-chain, on-chain or the volume of transactions that people want to be able to handle on-chain. [Truebit] looks for really big transactions that are computationally intensive.

Right now, a smart contract can only run for a fraction of a second on Ethereum.” The Dogethereum bridge also formally marks the release of Truebit. Dogethereum is the bridge between two cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin and Ethereum, and aims to enable the inter exchangeability of dogecoins from the Dogecoin blockchain to ether tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

This exchange between the two cryptocurrencies comes with its own set of advantages as well. Principally, leveraging smart contracts. Read more from…

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