This story is about how I managed to get free Bitcoin online, and while I can’t claim there was no effort involved, I can say it didn’t cost me any money.Many are hoping their prayers for free bitcoin will be answeredA lot of people in the cryptospace are looking to increase their Bitcoin holdings. The proliferation of scams that seem to offer quick and guaranteed profits from minimal investments are a testament to this.

Individuals have messaged me on social media offering ways to make easy money fast. I’ve also seen dozens of posts from people promising amazing returns in exchange for sending them small investments.

While these are scams (real investment opportunities never guarantee profits and no one is just giving crypto away for free), they continue to exist for a reason. People are looking for ways to get Bitcoin with little to no effort or upfront costs.Over the past two years, I have managed to over $11,000 in free bitcoin and tokens.

How did I do it? Several different ways.Bitcoin FaucetsMy first free Bitcoin came from faucets.

I got a tiny amount, approximately 0.001 BTC (for a discussion of how faucets work see this article). However, I really can’t recommend faucets as a way of getting free Bitcoin since the amounts they give out are so small. Read more from…

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