Learn to Code a Crypto Trading Simulator in PythonI am not a trader, but the whole idea of trading crypto is so tempting. I don’t want to invest real money unless I know what I am doing.

I wanted someplace to test my strategies.Credits : xkcdSo, I thought of building a Crypto Trading Simulator. The idea is to help beginner investor learn and experiment without losing real money.

In this series, I will teach you how to build one. I have got a database which contains crypto prices of different exchanges between March 7th, 2018 and March 16th, 2018.In this story, we will build a simple crypto simulator in python which allows the user to invest in a cryptocurrency, then we will run a simulator to see how the performance of his crypto asset in the next 9 days.For now, we will display the best bid price for his asset, compare it with the initial investment and tell him if he made a profit or loss.

In the coming stories, I will cover how to add live currency monitoring, how to write and test strategies, how to build the user interface, etc.. (I will need your support here, I have mentioned about the same at the end of the story.)Here’s a video of the simulator we are building today, you can also take a look at the project’s Github Repository.

You need to download the database separately from here and place it in the project’s directory.https://medium.com/media/c14cfc3db0b20393a643544acb442d2c/hrefPseudo CodeBefore we jump into coding, we need to have clarity on what are the next steps. This is important, otherwise we will often have confusions. Read more from hackernoon.com…

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