Forget last year’s heated Brexit arguments, for many families the Christmas dinner conversation will inevitably turn to one subject: Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have been the miracle investment of 2017, but Uncle George and Aunt Irene just can’t wrap their heads around it.

They’ve been waiting for months to ask a younger relative about it. This scenario is not just likely, it has already happened.

Thanksgiving Bitcoin conversations in November are believed to have been a big part of the digital currency’s meteoric rise in the last month. Avoid being caught out while carving the turkey – and leading your relatives to financial ruin – with this handy question and answer template.  Let’s start simple.

Bitcoins are internet money. You can’t carry them around.

You’re probably not getting them under the tree, and if you are, they will be in the form of a piece of paper with a code like Read more from…

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