If you’ve got an Android phone, Google Pay is the go-to app for all things mobile payments. You can use it to pay for things at stores that accept NFC, store your boarding passes and event tickets, house your gift cards, and send money to friends/family.

There are a number of apps that allow you to send and receive money from your contacts, but the way this feature is integrated right into the Google Pay app with everything else it has to offer creates a really great all-in-one solution. With that said, here’s what you need to know about sending and receiving money with Google Pay.

Whether you need to send your roomate money for groceries, request cash from your friend for last night’s dinner, or whatever else, sending money with Google Pay is simple. Tap the blue Send or request button.

Once you’re done, tap Request or Send at the bottom to finish up. Sending or requesting money in the actual Google Pay is simple enough, but Google’s got a few tricks up its sleeves to make the process even easier.

If you’re texting someone and you realize you need to get some money sent their way, you don’t have to leave the conversation, open Google Pay, send the money, and then tell your friend that you’ve sent it. Instead, you can do all of this directly within your conversation. Read more from androidcentral.com…

thumbnail courtesy of androidcentral.com