iOS: Cryptocurrency-tracker CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular websites around—both for Blockchain enthusiasts and financially minded folk. Today, the site is celebrating its fifth birthday by launching a (long overdue) iPhoneapp to help you check the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the go.

It’s no secret that the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be volatile, but on January For casual Bitcoin watchers, this simple app is the perfect way to get a sense of how the cryptocurrency fluctuates. (You can kick yourself when it skyrockets $1,000 in a day, and feel relieved that you didn’t invest your life savings when it drops 30 percent over a week.) Though there are plenty of other apps that let you check cryptocurrency prices, most of that data actually comes from CoinMarketCap.

So, to get a quick sense of the market, it doesn’t hurt to go straight to the source. That said, CoinMarketCap’s app is pretty basic, and probably not the best option for active cryptocurrency traders.

If you’re gambling your fortune on these currencies, you’ll want a more dynamic app like Blockfolio, which can send you alerts when a coin you’re following hits a certain price. (Buy, buy, buy!

Sell, sell, sell!) Once you’ve located and downloaded the app, fire it up. One nice feature of the app is that it doesn’t require you to set up any kind of account to view cryptocurrency prices. Read more from…

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