This Paid Story is brought to you by ZertaUser-friendliness remains one of the most significant obstacles to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. Participation in crypto exchanges and payments often requires users to juggle many different wallets and platforms, each presenting security risks and learning curves to master.

For crypto to become genuinely mainstream, there need to be more accessible and reliable crypto tools available for everyone, whether they’re an experienced trader or a novice.Fintech startup Zerta, a project which brought together experienced entrepreneurs and leading trading software developers is pairing in a single ecosystem a EU licensed bank and a stock exchange level trading platform. Paruyr Shahbazyan the founder of the largest sports-betting media in the CIS along with Victor Amabartzumian and Mohan Thurairajah whose software is serving such giants as ICE and Euronext, are developing a next generation financial ecosystem with a client-centric approach.Zerta’s Convenience and AccessibilityZerta is launching an intuitive, user-friendly platform to manage a complete fiat and crypto portfolio.

Zerta users don’t have to switch between multiple platforms and wallets. Instead, they have access to a one-stop shop.A Zerta account available both for entities and individuals comes with automatic access to a Zerta wallet, bank account, and exchange account.

Users can manage every aspect of their crypto and fiat finances from their “agile dashboard,” which they can customize with different widgets to reflect their financial practices. Zerta traders have access to performance analytics data, multiple crypto and fiat trading pairs, a matching engine capable of processing over two million orders per second, and many other trading tools.The Zerta wallet allows users to transmit cryptocurrency and fiat payments instantly, exchange different crypto and fiat currencies, and (with the attachment of a banking card) use crypto and fiat accounts to pay for retail purchases.

This robust ecosystem will be supported by a complete customer service team, ensuring that even crypto newcomers can quickly learn Zerta’s tools and seek help when they need it. Their new feature of personal managers is just the tip of the iceberg in this digital ecosystem with a human touch.Many wallets, exchanges, and crypto conversion services charge users high, hidden fees. Read more from…

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