CNET también está disponible en español. A website for fans of doctored videos used its visitors’ computers to mine Monero.

It’s the latest way hackers can abuse your computer’s processing power. Using a script called Coinhive, a website for fans of deepfake videos mined cryptocurrency Monero on visitors’ computers, researchers found.

That’s what happened when web users navigated to a forum for fans of doctored videos, called deepfakes. According to researchers from Malwarebytes, code running on the website commandeered visitors’ computers to mine Monero, a form of cryptocurrency, as long as the webpage was open on the browser.

It’s sneaky, strange and possibly genius. “If they had enough traffic, that would absolutely generate a lot of profit,” said Stephan Simon, a security researcher at Binary Defense Systems. Just because this happened on a deepfakes forum, don’t think this couldn’t happen to you.

Sure, the deepfakes phenomenon is all kinds of weird, involving fake celebrity videos that insert actor Nicolas Cage into movies he didn’t star in, or any celebrity into porn scenes they never filmed. But hackers are trying to mine cryptocurrency on every kind of device, harnessing the computing power of regular people to cash in on the bonanza of blockchain-driven digital currency. Read more from…

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