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by Shaurya Malwa Weiss Ratings, an independent rating agency has been listing cryptocurrency ratings since January of 2018. The agency has helped a lot of investors pick cryptos with the highest potential while avoiding the least promising.

The spotlight was on Bitcoin’s relatively low grade of a C+ (recently upgraded to a B-), but many other cryptocurrencies were graded too. Ripple (XRP), the third most popular digital token, has a current market cap of under $28 billion is the latest to get under the limelight by Weiss Ratings.

Juan M. Villaverde, an editor at Weiss Ratings, has gone out and said that Ripple token is not a bad investment in the near term. Villaverde has been covering cryptocurrencies since 2012.

He also exclaimed, “What puzzles me, though, is how XRP owners can hope to profit from Ripple’s long-term trajectory.” Ripple’s XRP token could make some healthy returns in the near-term, but there are three big reasons that the investors cannot ignore about the token if they consider their investment as long-term. Firstly, in order to achieve swift and cost-effective authorization by transacting via the Ripple protocol, the parent company Ripple is relying heavily on making deals with banks and financial institutions.

But the Ripple network is merely a transfer vehicle, used to transact from fiat to Ripple and back to fiat. What’s more, banks are not even obligated to use the XRP token for these transactions at all. Read more from…

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