Yesterday on Twitter, Steffen Vogt of the IOTA Chronicle site and self-described “Crypto/Blockchain/Tangle/Innovation evangelist” called for a boycott of Coinbase, Zcash and the Digital Currency Group for what he sees as a coordinated misinformation campaign against IOTA. In the IOTA community there is a widespread feeling that they are suffering from FUD spread by people with ties to Zcash.

Quite why this should be the case is unclear as the two currencies are not direct competitors. Vogt’s tweet mentions an article shared by Zcash’s founder, Zooko Wilcox.

The article in question if from TNW and gives details on University College London ending its relationship with the IOTA foundation.   The IOTA community is suspicious of the relationships between Zcash and the Digital Currency Group, which bought Coindesk in 2016 and was also an early investor in ZEC.

The Digital Currency Group has further links to Zcash through Grayscale, an investment company established in 2013 which offers investment vehicles in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and Zcash (ZEC). Notably it does not offer investments in IOTA.

  Zcash has recently removed its investors from its website (archived version here) which has only added to the belief that there is something to hide. However, according to Wilcox, the removal of the investors from the Zcash webpage is simply because “they were important to getting the project off the ground in the first place but they aren’t very relevant today”. Read more from…

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