IOTA has found itself in the center of yet another controversy… Fledgling blockchain developer IOTA Foundation has found itself entangled in yet another controversy.

In a Twitter post from earlier today, co-founder David Sønstebø accused former employee Per Lind of exploiting the brand for personal gains. He further claimed that Lind has never held a position in the foundation – and went as far as deeming him a “charlatan.” What makes this statement particularly contradictory is that back in 2016, Sønstebø personally announced welcoming Lind to the IOTA Foundation in a Medium post published on its official company blog.

The entry has since been taken down from Medium, but you can access an archived version here. Lind occupied a role as a business developer during his time at IOTA, according to the announcement.

“Per recognized IOTA’s unique potential after having witnessed the limitations of regular blockchain architecture in his professional life for the past years,” the post read. “He has already been of great value for the IOTA project by opening a lot of exciting doors to world leading institutions that are interested in utilizing IOTA in value streams and new business models.” In fact, prior to calling Lind “the epitome of what’s wrong with [the blockchain and cryptocurrency] space” on Twitter, Sønstebø referred to him as “the epitome of a connector with a digital rolodex very few can match” in the same announcement post from two years ago.

“The IOTA Foundation welcome Per Lind and look forward to the exciting voyage we are embarking on together,” the announcement concluded. Continuing his tirade against Lind, Sønstebø moved the conversation to the official IOTA channel on Discord. Read more from…

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