Hoping to replace the old tattered flags across town, Iota residents responded with generosity delivering about 140 flags. The flags have flown for seven years marking a time of support in response to a tragedy in the community.

“Back in 2011 when we got the word that one of our citizens, Corporal Mathew Richard of the U.S. Marines died in Afghanistan. So, within a week our organizations got together and they decided when they bring his body into town we want to show our respect,” explained Iota First Club President, Joel Cart.

The flags are raised during veterans day, memorial day and the Corporal Mathew Richard Fun Run. In between holidays, the flags are carefully taken down and saved.

“Taking them down is like putting them to rest pretty much. Giving them a break because they’ve been up for so long, they like, they just sit there and get torn up by the flagpoles and get torn up by the power lines,” said Troop 64 Boy Scout Ryan Kuffler.

For one Iota Desert Storm Veteran, properly retiring old and worn flags is a sign of respect. “I think with the American Flag, when it gets faded and old, take it down and change it. Read more from katc.com…

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