– Crypto Feed Week full of new added coins, but no one’s like ChainLink According to Coinmarketcap this week market was “filled” with another 15 different cryptocurrencies and ICO’s to Rise of ICOs in 2017th was insanely huge, but not whole projects made their plans reality, neither wanted to do it from beginning. ICO is a fairly Volkswagen supporting IOTA When automotive supplier Bosch last year announced about investing in quite young but yet unique cryptocurrency IOTA, Volkswagen traced their steps for this year.

The healthcare industry has been plagued with a number of allegations which have led towards a lack of faith. These allegations have been of mismanagement and corruption.

Schipol, international airport located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has installed a cryptocurrency ATM providing option for passengers convert their euros into bitcoin or ethereum. The airport revealed biggest demand We are miners and crypto fanatics driven by our own experience and passion for crypto currencies.

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