The rise of crypto billionaires and millionaires in the past year is all attributable to the debut made by cryptos in world markets. As might be expected, the initial shock to the system of established global framework led to resentment.

As the aura of Bitcoin failed to fade, many global finance players, like Goldman Sachs, joined the party. The concerns raised by all and sundry were not completely unfounded as some salient points came to the fore.

Many wondered if this was another Golden Tulip bubble or a Ponzi scheme that was well packaged. Since Bitcoin challenged the status quo of global finance, it was expected that sparks would fly.

As the Bitcoin price surge continued towards the end of 2017, many institutions thought of it as a business threat. Other better-discerning stakeholders have found a way to accommodate the rise of Bitcoin in their business strategy.

Here are a few pointers that explain why Bitcoin passes the fraud test: Bitcoin runs on a protocol that is decentralized. In simple words, anyone on earth can access it without hidden layers. Read more from…

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