The cryptocurrency over reliance on the media, movers and shakers might be working in favor of Verge (XVG).  John McAfee has always been associated with his crypto-advocacy predictions which shift trade patterns. However, Verge is uniquely packaged with privacy and anonymity features anyone should look for in a cryptocurrency.

By positioning itself to offer what the user is demanding, the Verge roadmap is clear; it is aimed at attaining an all-time high of $15 by end of 2018. This is paged on how the user interacts with the privacy and anonymity features to get the best out of their transactions and achieve a better user experience.

The first time I heard about Verge, it was at rank 60 and has over time been steadily moving up to the current position of 27. If you are optimistic like me, a little research will reveal that this is the right coin to invest in now.

One good about this coin is its efforts to cover gaps left by older cryptocurrencies. Privacy and anonymity is the key driver in the Verge project.

You have the freedom to choose to stay private or public and determine how desecrate you want your transactions to be. You do not have to expose your online privacy especially when it comes to your digital assets and transactions. Read more from…

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