John McAfee Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach 15k by June Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Struggling Near Key Resistance As the United States Department of Justice (D.O.J) investigates the allegations of Bitcoin (BTC) manipulation in the crypto-market, Japan is gearing up to welcome plans of 6 more crypto exchanges being launched by public companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. These 6 planned new exchanges, join a budding list of plans by other companies to issue their own crypto exchanges in the country.

The current buzz is around SBI Holding’s Virtual Currencies exchange that plans on being launched this summer. There is also Line Corp and Yahoo Japan who are also planning on launching their own exchanges.

The 6 companies earlier mentioned are Money Forward, Drecom, Yamane Medical Corporation, Adways, Avex and Daiwa Securites Group. This move by the 6 additional companies is natural in the country of Japan.

The country has been quoted as being one of the major crypto trading and owning countries in the globe. Current estimates put the number of Japanese trading and owning crypto to 3.5 Million.

The vast majority of the traders are between the ages of 20 to 40. This demographic makes up 80% of the 3.5 Million. Read more from…

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