NANO, Fastest payment system – “Binance acting as its own Nano representative” [Video]: Pornhub confirms Tron [TRX] and ZenCash [ZEN] for payments Japan’s demand around cryptocurrencies: Blockchain Technology on the run! Tron [TRX]’s SR election update: CryptoDiva graced the first community node Checkmate: AI Startup CloudSight struck by Bitcoin [BTC] Lightning TRX Migration Update – Tron on a roll, gathers more supporters!

Bitcoin [BTC] in exchange for drugs: US State to confiscate $24 million! Bitcoin [BTC] phenomenon is generational and geographical, says Robert Shiller Yahoo!

Finance lists: Bitcoin [BTC], Ripple [XRP], Tron [TRX], and more! Bitcoin [BTC] vs Monero [XMR] dilemma: Fluffy Pony clears the air Monero [XMR] – Bitcoin [BTC] atomic swap coming soon, says Atomic Wallet!

Ripple’s xCurrent adopted by India’s Kotak Mahindra Bank Bitcoin, Ripple, EOS & others bounce back – 10% jump in under an hour for many Ripple are “fundamental believers in the importance of payments”, says Dan Aranda Ripple’s Xpring Managing Director speaks about the Internet of Value At the Japan Blockchain Conference in Tokyo this week, the Chief Executive of financial services giant SBI Holdings Yoshitaka Kitao said he is wagering that blockchain related innovations will fuel the blast for the Japanese economy after the years of economic imbalance. There’s long been a strange disconnect between the state of Japan as a rich country already living in the future, and the description of its economic malaise, with decades of lost growth and absent inflation.

In the 1970s, Japan had the world’s second-largest GDP after the U.S. and this boom continued through to the 1980s. However, by the early 1990s, Japan’s economy had stalled, plunging the country into what has been called the “lost decade” of growth. Read more from…

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