You’re hot, then you’re cold. You’re up, then you’re down.  You’re cryptocurrency, and in Katy Perry’s world, you’re blockchained to the rhythm.  SEE ALSO: Even Coinbase thinks you should maybe chill for a goddamn minute on Bitcoin The pop sensation perhaps best known for kissing a girl and liking it dropped a major truth bomb on Instagram early Thursday morning, and, well, it may end up revealing more about her than any song lyrics ever could.  Perry posted a photo of a series of nails painted with the logos of assorted cryptocurrencies, and the ones she chose to highlight provide a deep peek into her distributed soul.  Let’s start with the thumbs, perhaps the most versatile of digits.

For that she went with Ethereum — a bold selection almost certainly indicative of her belief that the smart contracts enabled by the platform will, like opposable thumbs, be what gives it the strength and dexterity to rise above and shape the world to its liking.  Next, of course, comes the index fingers adorned with Litecoin logos. Perry surely knows, maybe via some sort of Illuminati connection, that Litecoin will point the way to the future like some sort of cryptoguide showing us a way out of the FUD darkness.

The middle fingers are where things get bold. It is there that Bitcoin, the OG cryptocurrency that began as its own middle finger to the world of centralized banking, sits primed and ready to flip the bird to any doubting nocoiners.

This is how she do. And the pinky.

Often considered the hand’s forgotten finger, Perry went with the lesser-known Stellar. While it may not have the name recognition of, say, Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens have been on a wild ride over the course of the last nine months — jumping from .4 cents in value last May to 60 cents at the time of this writing. Read more from…

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