Last updated 15:27, January 5 2018 Wakatu Square car park flooded with sea water during the 4.5 metre high tide. Nelson’s Wakatu Square was shin-deep in seawater and areas around the marina were partially flooded during ae king tide.

Nelson local Adam James, who had to wade out of his car in Wakatu Square, said it was “normal, but maybe not so much [water] usually”. “It’s normal, it happens on a king tide, but it’s incredible,” he said.

The high tide caused minor inconvenience, but cars left in saltwater should be thoroughly washed down to prevent major headaches later after corrosive saltwater exposure. “It happens on really high tides, this is a super-king tide, like 4.5 metres, so it’s pretty high.”

The high tide on Friday afternoon was 4.5 metres, which is 0.7 metres higher than the average afternoon high tide for the month of January.  Parts of the marina and coastal roads, such as Point Rd on Monaco, also had minor flooding with water making its way towards the car-park behind Anchor Bar and Grill. A car drives through sea water at the Vanguard Rutherford St intersection during the 4.5 metre high tide.

The high tide hit at 1.06pm with the floodwaters draining over the next hour. A MetService spokeswoman said the king tide was to blame, and the rainy weather was unlikely to be exacerbating the problem. Read more from…

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