You would think that the ‘Long Island Blockchain Corp’ news that broke at the end of 2017 would have been a sobering moment. If I had to write a list titled Signs We’re In A Bubble, “watching a company triple in value for adding a buzzword to its name” would rank first (and second, and probably third) on that list.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened, either. Only a month before, On-Line Plc, a British company, witnessed a growth of almost 400% by renaming itself to “On-Line Blockchain Plc”.

And until the fad loses momentum, it won’t be the last. You may remember Kodak for refusing to adopt the digital camera, and paying dearly for its mistake.

Since bankruptcy, the company has shifted its focus, catering to niche markets in film and printing, as well as mining the wealth of patents accumulated through its lifetime. From titan of industry to sharing its factory with a salsa distributor, it looks like the glory days of Kodak are truly over.

Or it did, until the magic of blockchain mania resurrected the brand. A few days ago, the company announced its plan to launch its own cryptocurrency for photographers, the KodakCoin. Read more from…

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