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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked A recent tweet by the VeChain’s Official team confirmed the release of VeChainThor Blockchain Transaction Model.

VeChain is aiming to develop a model which is more stable and provides predictable transaction cost and better financial services to its users. The new transaction model is designed based on the Multi-Party Payment Protocol by VeChain.

The team is concentrating on delivering this platform for all the developers at different levels of programming. They are making it more and more advantageous to developers and enterprises by solving most of the existing issues in the current blockchain transaction systems. “Introducing the VeChainThor Blockchain Transaction Model, an innovation enabling mass adoption.” They have introduced 10 values to the VeChainThor blockchain which determine the Transaction ID.

This makes the system safe from ‘replay attacks’, wherein a user sends multiple instances of the same transaction to drain another user’s account. Following are the 10 information which has been added to the new model: The Clauses field is capable of including several clauses together in one transaction. Read more from ambcrypto.com…

thumbnail courtesy of ambcrypto.com