Bitcoin mines have been popping up in Labrador West, and now any resident who wants to own their own bit of the currency can pick some up at a corner store. Tobin’s Convenience is home to Labrador’s first bitcoin machine.

“It’s growing, there’s more and more people coming in all the time using it,” owner Brenda Tobin said. “It’s definitely catching on, people are excited about it.”

Two data centre companies that mine the digital currency have set up shop in Labrador City thus far and because of the cheap power and cold weather — two things bitcoin miners need in abundance — there is interest from others who want to set up shop. Tobin’s, which carries many specialty items, hopes the machine will be a draw to lure people into the store.

“It’s getting them in the store. Then if they like what they see and the customer service, then they’re likely to come back again,” co-owner Trevor Tobin said.

The shop would also like to one day accept the cryptocurrency in exchange for goods in their store. “We’ve always got to be innovating [and] creating new ideas,” he said. Read more from…

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