The gambling game once again took over the Ethereum network, amassing a new jackpot of over $7 million and growing. The smart contract for a FOMO gambling game is once again taking over the Ethereum network.

As of 04:00 UTC, the game known as LastWinner took up around 20% of gas, and the gas usage had grown to above 36.41% three hours later. The network congestion pushed the fee for a typical ETH transaction above $0.50, up from about $0.01 during times of low activity.

There is no knowing how many sessions the game could have. The rise in activity follows Asian daytime hours. According to comments on Etherscan, the new game started with 40% of the prior-round jackpot, as per the game rules.

Besides the chief rule of being the last person or team to buy a ticket, there are different strategies depending on selfishness or cooperation: Snake, Whale, Bull, or Bear. Within hours, at around 08:00 UTC, the jackpot in the game had grown from $6.5 million to $7.04 million equivalent in Ethereum.

The keen interest in the game happens at a time when ETH prices remain depressed below $300, giving the game’s organizers a chance to collect more ETH and possibly wait for better market prices. Part of the ETH is paid out in winnings or dividends during the game itself. Read more from…

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