Cryptocurrency mining malware attacks are becoming increasingly common. Malware provides an easy way for the hackers to mine crypto without using their own resources.

Recently, a Redditor highlighted how a popular eSport game suffered a Monero mining malware attack. The malware turned the League of Legends (LOL) players into unwitting crypto miners.

Recently, a redditor, /u/Lestergonzag, posted on the related subreddit about how his laptop’s antivirus flagged the Garena client. He also shared a screenshot of what his laptop detected – a CoinHive crypto mining malware.

Later on, the League of Legends Philippines’ published a post on the official Facebook page explaining the event and confirmed some unauthorized modification in their client lobby. CoinHive malware is a Monero mining JavaScript offered by

Anyone can embed this JavaScript in its website to begin mining Monero on the users’ system. In this way, the users, while visiting a website, unknowingly allow the site owners to mine Monero using their systems. That’s the reason why we see a rise in Monero mining malware attacks. Read more from…

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