Ledger, one of the leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturers, announced on Friday that a bug had been found in the wallet’s Ethereum Chrome application, resulting in user funds being sent to an ETH address other than that specified. The bug, which was discovered in the update 1.3.0 of the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App that was rolled out on Thursday, caused a static recipient address to all users instead of the actual recipient’s address.

As a result, many wallet users found that their ETH, ETC, and some ERC20 token transactions never arrived at their intended destinations. According to Ledger, the issue impacted transactions within the Ethereum app between 8 pm CET Thursday and 10 am CET Friday.

They report that approximately 64 transactions were affected, however, Etherscan shows an additional 15 transactions, for a total of 82. At the time of this writing, the erroneously displayed ETH address has received approximately 243.6 ETH – $98,595 at current prices – and an additional $17,635 in assorted ERC20 tokens. Fortunately, other than user funds being sent to the wrong address, damage was relatively minimal.

Ledger was quick to stress that ONLY version 1.3.0 of the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App was affected by the bug. All of the other Ledger Wallet Chrome apps – as well as Ledger Live – were unaffected.

If there is any good news to be found in this situation, it is that Ledger became aware of the problem quickly and took steps to limit losses to users. Not only that, but the company has announced that it will cover 100% of user losses related to the issue: Users who suffered losses as a result of the bug should go to the company’s Ledger Support page and select “Something went wrong with the ETH Chrome App” from the drop down form field. Read more from livebitcoinnews.com…

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