Cryptocurrencies, over the past few years – have risen to prominence in the world of finance and technology. This FinTech revolution has now become mainstream, especially with 2017 being a landmark, breakout year for cryptocurrencies.

In a year where names such as Ripple and Ethereum boomed by 36,000% and 9,000% respectively, a larger number of people are now aware about cryptocurrencies than ever before. However, this has forced many governments around the world to regulate them.

Cryptocurrency transactions are being associated with illegal trade, money laundering and extortion across the world. ICO scams are a whole other issue.

All of these reasons put together have made global governments take strict measures towards cryptocurrency investments and the way they are treated. Talking about strict steps, marijuana cultivation is another legal aspect where governments have been quite strict in the past.

However, over the past couple of years there has been a significant progress towards legalizing marijuana – especially for medical consumption. Research in understanding the benefits of medical marijuana has led to the discovery of benefits of marijuana such as easing the pain of those suffering through chronic pain and benefits in chemotherapy and the fight against cancer. Read more from…

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