Fundamental analysis and financial markets. Litecoin Price (LTC) News and Talking Points – Litecoin (LTC) hard fork and a new Litecoin Cash (LCC) token.

– Litecoin (LTC) needs to hold above chart support at $211 to push further ahead. The much talked about Litecoin hard fork occurred on Sunday at block 1,371,111 producing a new digital token, Litecoin Cash.

Holders of Litecoin (LTC) were credited with the new token at a ratio of 1 original LTC: 10 new LCC. The price of the new token was around $2.70 at the time of writing, on just the YoBit exchange, a cryptocurrency marketplace founded in Russia that has produced a few, negative, headlines in the past.

And to make things slightly more interesting, the new Litecoin Cash has nothing to do with the Litecoin project. In the last couple of weeks, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee tweeted that the hard fork had nothing to do with his company and that the fork was a scam.

Now, according to a tweet from Litecoin Cash over the weekend, the coin has no affiliation with Litecoin, apart from the naming convention. We covered a range of cryptocurrency charts at Wednesday’s Weekly Cryptocurrency Webinar and came away with positive set-ups across a range of digital coins including Litecoin (LTC). Read more from…

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